10 Things NOT to Do in Aruba


Aruba has everything beautiful and beautiful to feel comfortable starting from moderate winds and pleasant weather available to you throughout the year. Its host populations are good hosts for all and its wonderful coastline with its white sands like a drunkard. But if your goal is to keep you safe and comfortable during your life and your travel , there are 10 things you should not do while visiting Aruba. Discover it.

1-Don’t Worry About Paying in USD

Do not worry when you want to exchange your US dollar because there is an exchange office . When dining out, shopping, buying local appliances or clothing, or making any kind of financial transaction, you’ll be asked what currency you would prefer to pay. Fortunately, most sellers will gladly accept the US dollar.

2-Don’t Be Afraid to Drink the Water

It’s some of the cleanest H2O in the world. Thanks to their desalination process, bottled water isn’t needed, and their tap water meets the highest standards of quality by the World Health Organization..

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