10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Cuba


There is a good chance Cuba won’t be anything like other countries you’ve visited. Although Cuban tourist areas are equipped to accommodate tourists’ needs, as soon as you go into the real world, you’ll notice the difference. From unavailable services and products, to strange regulations, there are many things you should know beforehand. If you are planning to explore the city outside your hotel, here’s a few points you may find useful.

1.Visas and insurance

There’s some paperwork in place to enter Cuba, but it’s not at all complicated. You’ll need a visa which you can buy from your tour operator, or simply pay for it on arrival (under 20 dollars for tourists). Cuba also requires visitors to have health insurance for the length of their stay, but searches for it are less rigorous than visa checks, and you could get away without it, at your own risk of course. Foreign insurers will be recognized by Cuban authorities, but you can also buy Cuban insurance at the airport for two and a half to three CUC (two and a half to three US$) per day.

Cuba Air

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