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15 things you don’t know about aruba

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This article is the compilation of 15 data or sites that I think are curious and interesting about Aruba, the information provided has been researched on different websites, and tried to compare them. information found with more reliable sources such as Wikipedia, in order: to try to guess the information and that it is correct.

However, if you find any information in this article that you believe is incorrect or out of date, I apologize in advance which you can express in the comments.

The main purpose of this article is to entertain and educate the reader, an idea of ​​what Aruba is and some of its wonders and curious facts and so that you can learn a little more about this country and about the world

I hope you will enjoy it and I will leave you here the curiosities that this article contains.

Number 2

Aruba has some of the best beaches in the world. Highlights Palm Beach, Baby Beach, and Eagle Beach. The latter is considered one of the 10 best in the world according to TripAdvisor users.

Number 3

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According to data released by the World Coffee Organization in 2003, Aruba is the country with the highest per capita coffee consumption in the world, just behind Finland.

Number 4

Multilingualism predominates in Aruba, the majority of the population speaks more than 4 languages. The main language is Papiamento.

Number 5

Flamingo Beach is an island in Aruba where you can swim next to beautiful flamingos. It is private beach access to Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino guests.

Number 6

Arikok National Park is considered Aruba’s national treasure. Almost 20% of the territory of this island corresponds to this national park and is protected as a nature reserve.

Number 7

Something Aruba can brag about is having accommodation for all kinds of people, you can find hotels, high-rise centers, or guesthouses.

Number 8

The district of San Nicolás in Aruba is considered a benchmark in terms of art, innovation, and design, without neglecting this Caribbean touch. Charlie’s Bar is one of the commonly recommended venues.

Number 9

About 70% of Aruba’s GDP comes from tourism or related activities, 75% of visitors are from the United States.

Number 10

Aruba is considered one of the most important tax havens in the world, which is why it is often frequented by celebrities and financial figures. There are an estimated 17 banks and over 3,000 companies with capital from foreign investors.

aruba sea

Number 11

Aruba is often referred to as the vegas of the Caribbean. The island is full of casinos, bars, and clubs. In some sophisticated casinos, international poker tournaments usually take place.

Number 12

Something which if it is a bit unfortunate is that Aruba is considered an expensive island, it is not an ideal destination for backpackers as the prices are usually high they get very high in high season.

Number 13

The Aruba Carnival is one of the island’s most important festivals and is known for its contagious music and awe-inspiring atmosphere. You can find festivities from January to March.

Number 14

The most popular sport in Aruba is baseball. The island has its national team.

aruba beach

Number 15

Jayden Croes is a Tik Tok star, born in Aruba. He is currently on the right track to attract millions of fans around the world. His older brother, Gil Croes, is also a rising Tik Tok star.

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15 things you don’t know about aruba

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