5 Information you need to know before buying a dog “Husky”


The Husky is one of the most popular dogs in the world. After the great popularity of the Golden Dog, the Husky has become the most popular dog breed in the dog market, but some believe that owning a husky is a very difficult task, In fact, it is difficult and needs some information that you need to know before making a purchase decision according to many sources.

husky dogs

5 Information you need to know if a husky dog is hatted

1.The price of the husky dog is very high if you find a dog of this faction priced less than $ 900 make sure it is a hybrid is not at all fine.

2.The original dog is a blue eye or at least one of its blue eyes, if you can not find it also make sure it is mixed.

3.This dog needs a very cool place and can not be exposed to heat for a long time.

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