5 things to do in Macau


It is a bit by chance that I came to spend a weekend in Macau. The former Portuguese colony, now part of China, has become better known for its casinos than for its colonial architecture.
The city is clearly suffering from its image of Hell in the media and popular culture and continues to live in the shadow of Hong Kong, its British fake twin. Clearly nobody would have the idea to spend a weekend in Macau if not for casinos.
And yet there are many very good reasons to go to Macau for a weekend

1 – See the unique Macau architecture

You can forget about HK, Singapore, Penang, Malacca and all of Indochina! Macau has many more colonial buildings than all the places mentioned above. You have magnificent buildings at every corner of the island of Macao.
Better, some buildings are a testimony of the meeting of the West and the East (Portuguese architecture facade and roof Chinese fashion) and there are many pearls to discover: Guia Forteress, Lou Lim Leoc Gardens …
Feel free to lose yourself in the maze of alleys and discover treasures of details in your walks. The other side of the coin: you have to walk but considering that the food offered on site is excellent, it is probably a good thing!

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