5 things to do in Macau


2 – Eating Egg Tarts at Lord Stow’s

Macau is known for its Egg Tarts and the best ones are at Lord Stow Bakery. You do not have to go running to Coloane (where the original bakery is located) to taste them because Lord Stow had the good idea to open a shop in the Venitian and another in Taipa.
Do it like me: black coffee without sugar + Egg Tarts + Fruits in the morning at breakfast to start your day. Nothing better before embarking on the exploration of the city.

3 – Rest in Coloane

If Lord Stow is not enough reason to go to Coloane, then say that the place is a perfect getaway to get out of the “urban” side of the city. Coloane the village located south of Macao (ie 15 minutes of roads from the island of Macao if you take as starting point Gran Lisboã).
In an instant you find yourself in the streets of a Portuguese village, even the street names are indicated in the language of Magellan and Vasco de Gama. The Chinese presence is discreet and it is still the mix of Chinese and Portuguese cultures that gives Coloane a unique and authentic side.

Take a tour of St. Francis Xavier Church, but also to the Chinese Temple located higher up the hill. Very nice walk to do, especially if you live all year in an Asian megacity.

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