5 Tips to Make My Dog More Obedient


Dog breeding is one of the hobbies that many prefer and they find their own pleasure. Dog breeding has become a modern fashion for this era. Everyone is trying to imitate it and try to train it to obey and carry out various exercises and orders, and some find a big problem in developing obedience in the dog until it becomes a sincere friend and obedient to its owners. , We will give you today a set of effective tips that will help you do your dog’s training to obey orders and do various exercises.

Follow the reward method

Always reward your dog for its good behavior based on obedience and order and carry out what you ask of it. You can put small pieces of sugar or dog candy for training and reward by your side until you give it to your dog when it is done to your orders. This motivates him to do more exercises and encourage him To obey your orders to get more sugar cut.

Provide food to the dog yourself

If you want to develop obedience in the dog you must provide food for yourself. When you serve food to your dog on your own, this will stimulate your obedience and feel that you have made a great effort to prepare his own food and will appreciate your efforts to make him happy, feed him with your hand so he can distinguish you from others and you will notice that he is getting used to you over time. It is easy and easy.

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Adapt your dog be kind with and feel safe

The kindness of dogs is one of the most important features that make your dog love and appreciate you as much as you can. The dogs welcome their owners by welcoming them to the door of the house. When doing so, you should wipe their hair, cool them, and cheer them up. Reliance on dogs and giving them more compassion and affection makes the dog loves you and loves to obey your orders.

Entertain the dog

Spend as much time with your dog as possible, with a specific time allotted for walking with your dog for half an hour a day, taking into consideration that you do not increase your walking time so as not to cause fatigue and exhaustion to the dog while giving it an opportunity to feel loved and loved by it. And walking with him.
Be sure to set a specific time to take your dog for a tour of your car, taking into account that this tour after eating dogs for more than 6 hours because the dog of pets who dizzy when riding cars, and also take the dog to the bathroom after eating directly So get used to going to him himself over time.

Early training for the development of obedience in the dog

Be sure to train your dog to obedience at an early age to make it able to understand what you say to him orders and can obey easily and without the need to re-orders and exercises on it more than once, and the dog in the early age to be prepared and mentally prepared to absorb lessons and exercises effectively Unlike dogs in later ages, we advise you to start training your dog from 2 months to 5 months.

By doing these steps, they will help you develop obedience in your dog and make him ready to take orders and instructions easily because he will get used to it at an early age and you will notice that he trusts you very confidently unlike what he was before , It is easy steps you will be able to earn your dog’s confidence and make it obey and follow the orders and instructions and exercises easily.

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