5 Tips to Make My Dog More Obedient

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3-Adapt your dog be kind with and feel safe

The kindness of dogs is one of the most important features that make your dog love and appreciate you as much as you can. The dogs welcome their owners by welcoming them to the door of the house. When doing so, you should wipe their hair, cool them, and cheer them up. Reliance on dogs and giving them more compassion and affection makes the dog loves you and loves to obey your orders.

4-Entertain the dog

Spend as much time with your dog as possible, with a specific time allotted for walking with your dog for half an hour a day, taking into consideration that you do not increase your walking time so as not to cause fatigue and exhaustion to the dog while giving it an opportunity to feel loved and loved by it. And walking with him.
Be sure to set a specific time to take your dog for a tour of your car, taking into account that this tour after eating dogs for more than 6 hours because the dog of pets who dizzy when riding cars, and also take the dog to the bathroom after eating directly So get used to going to him himself over time.

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