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A visit to Aruba .. the happy island in the Caribbean Sea 9 reasons

3.Locals people

Islanders who live in Aruba are known for their bright smiles and a warm welcome to all island visitors and don’t worry about the language barrier if you speak English, although Dutch and Papiamento are the official languages ​​on the island, the population speaks at least four languages, including English and Spanish, what they can From talking to tourists from different countries and cultures.

4.diving underwater

Aruba diving sites are among the best in all parts of the Caribbean Sea, where the coast is interspersed with unique and beautiful coral reefs that can be explored quite easily by swimmers, and it is exciting that many of these reefs are less than twenty feet under the water, making them and marine life very clear.

You can also discover history closely by diving near shipwrecks and the wrecked plane in the beaches of Aruba; The Antilla shipwreck site is the largest wreck site in the entire Caribbean, and now the place is home to all types of fish and other marine creatures, so work to discover it.

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