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A visit to Aruba .. the happy island in the Caribbean Sea 9 reasons

5.Exciting activities

The island has many exciting opportunities and opportunities to explore new things, especially in the Arctic National Park, which is the largest nature area in the Caribbean Sea, and the Aruba countryside allows you, my dear visitor, a daily tour of bike, car, horse, or even a walk between the most wonderful Stunning natural appearances, even walking the city streets and discovering the colorful local shops will bring you a lot of enjoyment.

6. Celebrations

Aruba is the undisputed island of local festivals, including carnivals, marches that are always packed with bright colors and upbeat music, and for this reason, experts advise you to choose the time to visit Aruba during famous occasions, on top of which is New Year’s Eve, where lights and fireworks decorate every place and home on the island.


Aruba is a popular wedding venue, honeymoon celebration, between the beauty of the island and the picturesque nature, and the perfect serenity of lifestyle.


More than 90 nationalities influence Aruba cuisine, including local dishes influenced by South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Perhaps you will be confused in choosing between more than 200 restaurants that offer you everything from local cuisine to international dishes.

9.Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba

Oranjestad is the capital of the island of Aruba, and it is characterized by bright colorful buildings around the enchanting harbor, and there you will see the wonderful Dutch influence on architecture how it looks throughout the downtown area so that you will only have to capture the most beautiful images of this beautiful spot.

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