You will not believe the real reason why cats bury their waste

Often we see cats burying their droppings in sand or dirt, but does anyone know why they do it?

Why do cats eat their young?

Cats in the home require special care for this pet, but after birth, the behavior of cats may change as other...

What do cats eat?

It is known that cats and carnivores are always committed to meat within their diets in order to survive. Their ancestors have...

How to trim a cat’s nails

The cat uses its claws to defend itself and to scratch. Sometimes...

Strange stories about cats

Cats may be just pets for many people, spending fun time with them and enjoying their wonderful looks, but what the...

Do you see ghost cats?

Since ancient times, people have given cats superhero abilities, where they believed they could relieve pain, fire warning, and sense...

Information about small cats needs all breeders cats

Hamplanet present for you some information about small cats As is known among pet breeders, especially cats, the description...

Types of cats are considered the most pets around the world

The best types of house cats: - Angora Turkish: A cat of Turkish origin, with a thick...



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