Causes of sleeping cats on her back


Why all cats always sleep on their backs, and why cats sleep on their backs when you see their owners?

If you are raising a cat, you should be fully aware of its various actions

Cats use body language to communicate with their surroundings as often as humans do in their daily lives

Cats on their backs are a reference to you from your cat that you must understand from being responsible for them

Our goal of this topic is to help you to unravel the mystery of sleeping cats on her back whenever you see near her or even in times of absence from her?

the reasons :

Confidence :

When talking about the subject of sleeping cats on her back, among the first reasons for doing so we find the issue of confidence

Your trust trusts in you so much that she can wriggle in front of you with all joy

Away from the fear that usually accompanies when you are accompanied by others who do not trust them, congratulations to you love and trust in you.


If you have already entered your cat and found it on her back, she wants to relax

Yes, many animals, such as horses, dogs, and cats, when you want to relax they are rolling on the back, this feels a lot of comfort and enjoyment.

Mating request:

Mating is required especially in females. The female cat, as the cat breeders know when she goes through the period of desire and wants to marry, is swaying on her back and listening loudly, as she combines her voice between tenderness and courting her husband in order to be allowed to marry

And continue to fluctuate on her back and meow until she marries or ends the period of euphoria

Self Defense:

The coupon the back and make the face in front of the enemy is among the defensive qualities of cats and silos in general

This makes them in a position of strength to respond to any attack they may receive from competing cats.

Scanning on her abdomen:

Here are my friends, not all cats will like to be touched on their stomachs. Many cats will meet your hand, which wants to wipe her belly with biting and scratching. This is because the abdominal area is very sensitive to cats.

The scan gives it a feeling like how you feel if someone tickles your limbs or certain parts of your body.

Do your cats love wiping on their belly

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