Dealing with vicious dogs


Some information and facts may benefit some in dealing with vicious dogs

Dog lovers say it is “the third impossible” and they mean “valentine vinegar,” but they may turn from pet pets into ferocious creatures that can, from time to time, have their misfortune. What would you do if you found yourself face to face in front of prominent teeth with nothing to smile about?

Advice provides “bite”

Do not try to escape and keep calm

Of course, I have advised the media and the Internet to the public in what can be done to avoid the attack of a fierce dog and how to act in the event it began, the most prominent of these tips:

  • First alert to the important signs that indicate that the dog may attack at any moment, and that he himself is afraid, it seems anxious raging movement, and this situation climax if it is spreading from the teeth to indicate his gums, and also that the whiteness in his eyes becomes visible, in this You do what you can to avoid it, but without running away from it, this is the worst thing you can do because it is another reason to attack you (because you are scared and weak) and because it is much faster than you and will catch you in the blink of an eye.
  • One of the most important means of defense against a dog that intends to attack you to keep calm as much as possible, and that is because dogs can “smell fear” and learn that they are in the position of “strong” who does what he likes, and of course calmness and composure – if you find them Ways – allow you to think better about how to behave and get out with minimal losses.
  • If the dog starts to attack you, it is important not to scream because the dog will probably interpret this as a voice challenging him, and will increase the ferocity of his attack on you because he is also afraid of the consequences of your voice.
  • Do not try to kick the dog or hit him in another way. First, he will not feel the pain, because he is more frequent during the attack than the secretion of a hormone called “endorphins” and his mission to numb his physical and mental feelings as well, and secondly he explains this as a source of greater danger than believed, The ferocity of his attack on you. A number of experts say that what they recommend instead is for the person to mingle and stick his chin to his chest and remain motionless.

If you are attacked, go to the doctor

Dogs focus in their attacks on the face, neck, throat, and upper shoulders. Protect these places as much as you can. If you do not have a jacket or a shirt on top of it, for example, you should protect it with your hands and arms, because the wounds in the latter are lighter especially in the long run from the face and neck wounds.

  • If it is possible for you, use something like a stick or wrap to help you with heavy cloth and push one between the dog’s jaws as much as possible because this disables their applicability.
  • If you judge the dog bite on your hand, for example, there is no point in trying to spacing between his jaw because they become in the strength of steel, instead block the savings prevent breath with his nose and forced to open his mouth to get oxygen.
  • If the dog attacked another person, a child, for example, do not try to take him away from him because this will increase the severity of the attack on him, and instead you can do things including approaching quietly (not rushing) and receive a shirt or jacket or rag on top of the dog. Then he will not take the child in your arms, but make him behind you so that you become between him and the dog and retreat with him with all possible calm.
  • At the end of an attack, dog owners do not face themselves because they will probably win him and not you (as they are legally responsible in the West at least) so leave the place and then call the police.
  • It goes without saying that if you are attacked, you should wash the wound well and ask for medical help and advice immediately.
    Dog lovers say they are “the third impossible,” meaning “vulgar vinegar,” but they can turn from pet pets into ferocious creatures, capable of doing what is not appreciated. What do you do if you find yourself face to face with prominent teeth that do not matter with smiling?
    In western culture, at least, dogs have a special place. The Easterner may find their causes difficult. For example, a dog is considered “a family member and in the place of one of its children” in the West, If he has the symptoms of the disease, and celebrates his birthday – or possession – and pick up his souvenir pictures and draw his paintings …
    In explaining this behavior, Westerners say that a dog remains a loyal companion to its owner, while the nearest people are likely to close it sooner or later.
    Some people own it as part of their security and security, and there are those who say that the dog has a sixth sense, alerting the owner of the risk of a storm, such as a natural disaster or a heart attack.
    On the other hand, there are also those who breed in the dog the spirit of hostility, for reasons ranging from intimidation and looting of the weak and gambling in the tracks of the fight dogs banned.
    The Westerners have known some people prefer dogs to humans, though they are the closest, as a famous incident, in which a young British man once came to his home to find that his dangerous Rottweiler dog had brutally attacked his mother until she breathed her last breath.
    He then returned home to tell the police that an uncle had brutally attacked his mother in her kitchen and killed her. Before escaping.
    The British press is occasionally rife with the news of dangerous dogs attacking people, especially children, for no apparent reason. Last weekend, a person was arrested in the North London suburb of Qingford because his dog, the Bull Terrier, At the age of six while walking with her parents in one of the parks of this suburb, and suffered terrible injuries to her face, neck and shoulders.
    Prompting the media to shed light on this problem, and experts deliberated on the issue

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