Do cats dream during their sleep?


Do cats dream when they sleep, whether they sleep during the day or when they sleep at night?

If the answer is yes, what do the cats dream about?
Cats adore sleep, love him very much, and raise a cat in his home knows this well

Cats spend many hours of their day sleeping and resting
Even the normal cat sleep rate can be up to 15 hours a day

Do you dream cats?
Yes, cats can dream

This is one of the amazing things that cats share with humans

Cats dream as humans dream completely. Cats, my friends, start dreaming when you go into a deep sleep

Scientists have shown this fact by monitoring the work of the brains of cats during sleep

They found that the brains of the cats produced the same waves produced by the human brain during the dream

When it comes to us humans, it is not complicated, as we can reduce our dreams to those around us without problems

But when it comes to cats, things are quite different, cats cannot tell us their dreams

Science is still limited in this subject, but some beliefs are almost as follows that cats dream of catching

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