Do cats dream during their sleep?


This dream is repeated with her constantly

In 1960 a research led by Michel Jovitt was conducted on what cats dreamed of

Where he analyzed the movement of cats during sleep, he found that the interpretation of the movement of the eye of cats during the rapid sleep and moving her head constantly

Proves the belief that cats dream they are chasing fake prey to catch them

Far from this belief, can cats dream of us sleeping?

It is likely that cats have dreams that are very similar to our dreams as humans

Professor Matthew Weselon, the co-founder of the American Picaur Center for Learning and Memory, has proved to powerful

Pets Specialist

We dream every day of our daily lives dreaming of themselves, but we have different life experiences

Where people dream of the things they are interested in during their day, although they may be visual things that are not comprehensible in their entirety

There is no reason to think that the animals are different, Dr. Rubin Naiman explained in the subject of Do Cats Dream, a teacher, and sleep and dream specialist at the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Center

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