Since ancient times, people have given cats superhero abilities, where they believed they could relieve pain, fire warning, and sense of weather changes. In addition, many people claim that their cats see ghosts. But is this true? Talks about the relationship between cats and the “surreal world” have a long and very enjoyable history. We return to the ancient Egyptians, where they began to raise cats to eliminate mice, but later became a symbol of lawyer and fertility. Not surprisingly, cats protect crops from rodents and people from diseases brought by rodents. In some pagan beliefs, cats flew a link between man and the dead world. Hence, it was believed that cats could see another world hidden from humans. This is due to the nature of the vision of cats, which differ greatly from humans. Cats can easily see in the dark, and at the same time their eyes glow unusually. Because of this, in the dark Middle Ages, cats, especially the black ones, were considered followers of demons and exterminated them in large numbers, not only at that time, but also killed all those who showed love and affection towards them. Because of all the above, all scientific speculation and facts have given cats a kind of imagination and mystery. Why do people think cats can see ghosts? All cat owners may notice from time to time that their pet is staring at one point, for no reason at all or afraid of something in a room without anything. However, science explains this strange behavior logically, without resorting to the world of ghosts and fear to explain phenomena happening in our world and with the pets that live among us. At first sight, exotic and abnormal acts can be explained to cats because of their strong sense of smell and strong hearing. Cats have an amazing sensitivity and are able to hear what a normal human can not hear, where they can hear the ants (as they say). So you can notice, at times, that the cats focus in something while we do not see or hear anything. The fact that the cat can sometimes jump suddenly, scientists explain that cats generally like to play. At the same time, scientists can not explain all the bizarre and supernatural things that happen with cats, and some stories remain an eternal mystery that can not be solved, as are some mysteries about humans. In the end, did you get something similar? Do you believe that cats have supernatural abilities and can see ghosts? Or do you see them as creatures of the millennium and love them to the extreme?

Despite ongoing research and studies by researchers in the field, it is still unclear, and there are still some accounts of cats that scientists have no explanation for.

In general, if we deal with this issue scientifically, we find that there is no basis for the health of what is circulating about the cats that they see the angels or the jinn, because this is not proven by science
Some stories and stories that people mention may be unfounded, or a sign of a miracle that science has yet to discover.

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