Does the dog live to consume food?

This is a hot and seriously taken up debate in the world of dogs, where people who follow one of the above methods passionately think about nutrition and believe that their style or way of feeding is better than other methods and methods.

Here I must admit that there are good reasons for both.

Here and before I give my opinion I will try to cover both directions.

First: free nutrition


  • Dogs do not feel the pressure to eat, they know that there is food and the food will always be there.
  • Dogs will eat just enough (not more) to eat just as much as you need, and dogs will eat more if they are hungry and less when they are not hungry.
  • Some say that this method or method reduces aggression because of food (although I am not convinced by this).


  • Free feeding is delayed Acceptance and response to the training to spend the need in the right place, usually training is somewhat harder because it is difficult for dog owners to determine when the puppy will eat and therefore needs to go out to the street to relieve his needs.
  • There are many dogs eat because of boredom and will eat excessively expose themselves to obesity, and when we know that obesity leads to many diseases, some of which are fatal to dogs.
  • Dogs can be less interactive with the system of training equivalents and it is known that food is one of the most important motivations of training.
  • One dog can eat more amount than other dogs eat while not getting enough nutrition for proper growth.
  • Food is the main factor for waste disposal (need).
  • Owners may not be home at home after eating the dog to eat and spend his need (dumps).
  • Dog owners may not notice the illness of their dog who did not eat that day or even for a few days if their dog owners adopt a method or method of feeding a free dog.

Feeding system


  • Can help train the dog on the program to eliminate the need in markedly marked places, where the equation can be adopted
    Food in = food outside
  • You will notice if the dog is sick and refuses to eat or not eat anything.
  • Food/life revolves around and around you are the owner.
  • Control how much and when your dog eats, so you can control his weight.
  • Reduces dog aggression towards other dogs because you can separate dog feeding places if you need to.
  • You can increase obedience and harmony in working together using food as control and obedience.
  • Reduce the chances of polluting the house with waste.
  • Increases the chances and likelihood of the presence of dog owners to control the place and time of need (waste disposal).


  • This method or method may cause your dog to be fed too much or not enough to meet its natural need for food.
  • You will have to organize and insert dining times, spend time and allocate time in your schedule.
  • Some say that this diet creates aggressive dogs that can become aggressive food status towards any and all who approach them when food is close to them (although I am not convinced).
  • The dog may feel that he has to eat while he is not hungry.

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