How to trim a cat’s nails


The cat uses its claws to defend itself and to scratch. Sometimes it scribbles furniture to make its nails sharp and to remove the crusts from it and to put its smell on the furniture and control the area
Some breeders resort to removing the claws of the cat and this solution is completely wrong and affects the cat negatively.

The best solution is to trim your cat’s nails periodically and you can reduce costs by doing this simple exercise yourself which will not take you any time at all.

Important instructions and notes before pruning your cat’s nails:

Cat’s nails are trimmed every three to four weeks depending on how fast your cat’s nails grow.
When cutting nails, use scissors for cats, scissors, or even a regular scissors, provided they are sharp and fast cut.
Cut the tip of the nail only (2-3 mm) because the rest of the nail contains blood vessels.
Do not let the cat see the pruning machine because it will be horrified.
Calm down your cat before pruning and do not press hard.
If a vein is cut, do not panic. It will most likely stop bleeding after several minutes. If this does not happen, wipe the blood and place a little flour or starch on the end of the nail.
You do not have to trim your nails all at once. It’s OK if you trim your fingernails every time.
The front cat’s pen is used for scribbling and defending itself, and it is okay if you do not trim the back nails.

cats nails

Nail Trimming Method:

  • Player of your cat does not force her to bow to you.
  • Press the palm of the cat gently until the nail appears fully and sees if it needs to be cut.
  • Cut 2-3 mm of nails. You should not cut the pink area of ​​the nails because they contain blood vessels.
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the nails one by one, taking care not to cut the rose or pink area.
  • Reward your cat.

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