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If you are thinking of raising a boxer dog, you should learn the strength of this dog and the high energy it enjoys requires training and care so that it does not pose a danger to humans. The dog originates from an ancient breed called the Rabanter Bollenbisser of Belgium, who used this breed in wild boar hunting and the pairing of a bear banger with the English Bulldog dog produced a hybrid dog called the Boxer Dog.

Features of the Boxer Dog:

  • This dog is characterized by soft fur in light brown or yellow color
  • Always try this species of dogs draw attention to it
  • The Boxer Dog has a huge muscle force that is always very active
  • Muscle strength and ferocity made him an excellent guard dog
boxer dog

Dog Characteristics of the Boxer:

The boxer dog is a class of dogs with high and medium-sized dogs. There are many types of Boxer dogs all share the characteristics of height and weight and vary in hair color while the ear is large and flexible and tail long
The dogs of the Boxer are nice and do not pose a danger to the children, but be careful of them. In the end, the animal cannot be controlled especially if it is not trained. Therefore, if this type of dog reaches the age of six months, it is necessary to start obedience training Take the dog to a specialist in the training world so as to avoid problems resulting from training errors.
Bakers, who receive veterinary care and proper nutrition, can live a long life despite fears of deterioration of the health status of this strain, especially at puberty. Among the most important health problems are thyroid disease and dysplasia

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