Strange information about cats (48 information)


Cats have always been considered the closest animals to humans and their nicer, and many are the ones who acquire them in order to raise them. Despite the different types and diversity of cats, many of us do not know much about them.
If you are one of those interested in and want to know more about the world of animals in general and cats especially this subject is directed to you. We will learn 48 curious information about cats and general facts about them

  • Information about the cat’s body

Cats (32) have a muscle to control the outer ear, while humans have (6) muscles only
◾ Cats can not taste sweet
◾ The cats have three eyelids
◾ Cats have more than 100 voices as vocal ability, while dogs have only ten
Adult cats produce lactase, which is the enzyme needed to digest lactose, so you should not water adult cats
◾ The cat lives about 35 years
◾ Archaeologists have found over 300,000 mummy cats in an ancient cemetery for cats in Egypt,
◾The cats love hygiene, often licking their fur to clean it and gain vitamin C.
◾ Cats have been domesticated by humans for about 7,000 years
◾ Night vision for cats is better than human vision with six (6) folds
◾ Cats can get wet from sea water because the cat’s kidney is very efficient
Cats are naturally separated by antibodies to the blood of dogs, so they can be given blood in life-threatening situations for one time.
Cats have a smell on their face to secrete Fermona when they contact us to tell us that they are us and that we are them.

Information about the behavior of cats and their treatment with humans:

◾ When cats bring their owners’ dead birds or birds, they teach them the opposite role of how to catch, or to feed the owner in turn another cat, old or weak helpless
◾Tash cats human head because they feel safe with him or because they trust him
◾ Cerezia, pet cats resume drinking from the filled bucket next to their food, but first look for their syrup elsewhere in the house, because any water in the prairie next to the victim prey may be contaminated
◾ Cats are much older because they are sick with Alzheimer’s cats
◾ Adult cats do not usually camouflage among themselves, but rather to communicate with humans
You know that according to a study, cats recognize the voices of their owners, but they are calmer than they care

Figures and statistics about cats:

◾ Cats are the most common animal in America, where there are 88 cats compared to 74 dogs
◾ About four million cats are eaten in China every year as delicious food
◾ The longest cat was measured (48.5) inches (1.23 meters) at maximum elongation
◾ The smallest cat in the world (Tinker Tui), since it is only 2.75 inches (7 cm) long
◾ The oldest video of cats on YouTube dating back to 1894
◾ Cats are believed to be extinct about 33 species
◾ Savannah cats can become pets, and they can grow to be the size of a medium-sized dog. These cats are as faithful and as hard as dogs
◾ The first cloned cat was called the Kobe Cat

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