Cats may be just pets for many people, spending fun time with them and enjoying their wonderful looks, but what the vast majority of us do not know is that cats have dramatic stories of saving many people from the death of a cat, not to mention their strange ability to defend themselves against any Risk, and other “talents”.

1) Cat Thief
Dogs usually do not steal anything inedible, but in San Mateo County, California, in 2007, they never stole more than 600 objects from neighbors. Most of these were stolen from clothes such as socks and shirts. The cat owner found those stolen by chance To their owners.

2) You can not kill this cat with fire
Not only do cats entertain humans and play with them, but they defend themselves in most crises and survive the most difficult situations. Cats know their terrible ability to survive fire, no matter how powerful they are. Evidence of this was that a cat called Chase survived a fire at home Where he lives by hiding behind the fireplace, and you can imagine the suffering he experienced.

3) A cat connected to the police
This story occurred in 2006 in Columbus, Ohio, there was a person named “Gary” suffered a heart attack and after a short time arrived paramedics and police to the area and confirmed that it is impossible to “Gary” request help in this case must be a cat Your “Tommy” is the one who did it, and maybe the order was made by pressing only one button in the phone, which is a shortcut button for the police number which made them come home at once.

4) Soviet cats go to war
This story begins in 1941 when the Nazi forces invaded the Soviet Union and put the city of Leningrad under siege, which included 3 million people at this time. Because of this siege, the foodstuffs were reduced and the mice that damaged the food were increased in an intolerable manner. The Red Army sends 5,000 cats around the city to search for and dispose of the rats. The operation was successfully completed and many of the statues were later built for cats.

5) The cat saves the owner on the adoption day
This story occurred in February, when one of the women adopted two cats, and in the evening went to bed to sleep but sank in a coma surprise, one of these two cats tried to wake her but failed to go to her son’s room and remained awake until he woke up and left the bed and went to inspect his mother He called emergency to save his mother in the last minute, and all the credit goes back to the adoptive cat.

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