The 10 most dangerous foods for cats


Some cats think that the foods we eat are good for cats and offer them, but that’s not true. There are some foods we eat that are very dangerous for cats.

1-Raisins are considered to be one of the harmful foods for cats. It is considered light, healthy and delicious food for humans. However, it is very dangerous for cats. Raisins can lead to sudden renal failure of cats. Therefore, raisins must be kept away from cats. They appear on cats after eating raisins within 24 hours is diarrhea, lack of appetite, lethargy, weakness, abdominal pain and lack of urination.

2 – Onion Giving meals containing onions to cats is very dangerous as the sulfur compounds in it, which causes the breakdown of red blood cells and thus anemia, so be careful in the food provided by your cat, read well ingredients written on canned food and make sure it is free Of onions before serving to the cat.

3 – Garlic If you attended a dish of meat or food with some light garlic, we advise you never give even a little for the cat, where garlic is also one of the most dangerous foods on cats, which is greater than the risk caused by onion to cats, so be sure to ensure that the food provided to cats Of garlic.

4 – No one should eat raw eggs unless it is confirmed that it is free of bacteria, and should not give raw white cats where the bacteria Salmonella coli cause serious problems for pets, and white Eggs contain ephedrine that stops vitamin B absorption

5 – Alcoholic substances cause very severe damage to the human being is forbidden by law, and it causes multiple problems of pets and the poisoning of cats.

6-If you eat a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, you should never give it to the cat, as caffeine causes multiple problems for cats, as caffeine increases the amount of urine, stimulates the nervous system, accelerates heartburn, and chocolate is also considered a food. Harmful to cats because they contain caffeine and theobromine, which can kill the cat.

7 – Fat sometimes on some of us with the progress of the skin of the vacuum or cut fleshy meat to the domestic cat and this is a big mistake The fat contained in those small pieces very fat for the cat !! This is not a good idea. Eating cats for a small amount of fat cause several stomach problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, you should stay away from fat-containing foods when choosing cat food and avoid giving the skin to her. Or cutting fatty fat.

8 – Bone If you offer a bone to the cat from time to time, we do not recommend you repeat this from now! The bones are one of the most dangerous foods for cats as they can lead to internal ruptures and clogging in the intestines of cats even if cooked, and the bones covered with fat lead to gastrointestinal and gastric problems of the cat and vomiting and diarrhea.

dangerous foods for cats

9-Lactose-containing milk Cats can not break down and digest lactose when they become an adult. Therefore, the loss of the cat’s ability to crack lactose can lead to diarrhea, which may lead to a drought of the cat, so avoid giving the cat milk unless confirmed that it is free Of lactose.

10-Avocado Avocados are the most dangerous foods on cats since they contain persin, which is very toxic to animals including cats. Avocados are all poisonous, so do not let the cat play until her eating person leads to gastrointestinal problems. Respiratory system and fluid that surrounds the heart muscle, which can lead to the death of the cat and therefore tries to protect your cat and away from all sources of access to these foods, and if you notice any symptom of poisoning or sudden health problems on your cat should go to the veterinarian immediately.

Note: Fish and tuna are not among the dangerous foods for cats as is common, but note that many of them become harmful to the cat because of the excessive fall in the hair of the cat! He should eat it every two weeks at least once, as it is one of the most popular foods for cats

Note 2: Many cats breeders give their cat’s dried clothes. Dried food is also said to be a food that causes problems for cats. The most important problem is stomach cancer. It also causes worms in the belly of the cat. Therefore, it is always recommended not to rely entirely on dried food and to introduce some of the domestic food in cats food, especially vegetables such as boiled potatoes and adding some olive oil from time to time to make the cat’s food more healthy. Home when your cat is more healthy.

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