The Dangerous Dogs American pitbull


Pitbull dogs are dogs that include many breeds. There is the American Pitbull dog, the American Staffordshire dog, and the Staffordshire dog who was born from a mix of Pitbull and other dogs.

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Pitbull began to appear more than 1,000 years ago in England, and some sources doubt this history. But there is no doubt that by the year 1500, the Pitbull Dogs had national identities in Britain, and was famous in 1631 as a hunter for bulls instead of a dog breed By 1800, during more selective breeding, the muscles of the Pitbull dog developed to be characterized by a powerful decoding force. Because of popular anger over this violent sport, these violent sports were banned by dogs in England in 1835. The oldest breeders and dog owners Pitbull moved on to make their dogs play “ratting “, Where they put a number of mice in a hole and bets on a number of mice, and they bet on their dogs who will kill more mice in a given period.

In the end, Pitbull is a wrestling dog. He is selectively born to be a dog and can end fighting. He can actually fight on his two stumps. This blood sport involves a competition between two dogs, one a Pitbull, Entertainment, gambling, or other criminal activities, such as illegal drugs. These games are often accompanied by great violence.

pitbull dog

It depends on the type of community you live in, but the fear is not that the pitbull dog bites more or less than any other breed, but the cause is the severe damage that a Pitbull can cause if it bites, it always causes severe bone and muscle damage, Often, permanent disfigurements and injuries occur. Once a Pitbull dog starts to attack, a firearm must intervene to stop it. It may be the only way. So when you breed this strain, you never let it get out of your hands. When you analyze the Pitbull dog bite statistics, It is the strongest bite you can get from a dog, it breaks the skin, and makes hundreds of wounds Significant losses in the soft tissue.

Yes, Pitbull dogs are dog breeds that can be identified, but you can validate them through a series of decisions. Pitbull owners and animal welfare associations have experience in identifying them. The average person can not identify Pitbull dogs True, but nothing to be puzzled, pitbull have unique physical qualities and behaviors, and you can easily identify them if you know them well.

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