There are many factors in which you can determine the level of danger for some dogs breeds, but most scientists and researchers differ about the factors by which to determine this and as a result of it is unfair to call some dogs a danger, but we must say it with high capabilities and cause significant damage when It is unfortunate to say that sometimes a person behaves erroneously or behaves incorrectly. The result is a vicious attack from the dog so before treatment with the dogs, you must understand the treatment and the correct way to avoid their danger. Of dogs, which is the most dangerous and fiercest in the world.

 (dog Caucasian Ovcharka)

Ovcharka, known as the Caucasian Shepherd dog,is a very widespread species. It is strong, courageous and has fierce tendencies and is used to protect farms and property because it is strong in defense and also intelligent.

(  Pitbull dog )

The Pitbull dog is one of the most dangerous dogs breeds not only for the terrifying, but also for the ability to hunt oxen and the ability to fight and is considered the most dangerous dogs in America.

(  German Shepherd dog )

This type of dog originated in Germany and is called the German Shepherd weighs about 70 to 100 pounds, known for his intelligence and confidence and always on alert and alert and always used by the police in criminal research.

( Rottweiler dog )

This dog is characterized by force and is sometimes called grazing used in Guard because of the gravity and brutality also.

(  Alaskan Malamutes dog )

This type of Siberian Eskimo breed requires this kind of daily exercise and if it does not have its daily share of exercise, it is in a state of boredom. This is a reason to destroy everything that is difficult to control and this weight ranges from 35 to 60 kg.

Important advices you should know before buying dogs :

1 – dogs of the most animals that learn the language of the signal quickly must pay attention to this and tried most of the orders are hand signals to adapt quickly and know your language and what you ask him.

2 – Try to be an innovative exercise and always enter new things give him an atmosphere of fun even to Imel.

3 – When buying a dog must be in the first entry to the house you know the laws that will be followed by this and through the exercise and signals. 4 – the time of grooming the dog is very granular but if it exceeds the normal rate will feel the pain so if you feel that he began to tire stopped immediately exercise.

5 – When you find the dog in response to the teachings you give him immediately must be equivalent to what he loves. 6 – the treatment of the dog is easy to accept the instructions and strengthen the relationship between you and him beware of bad treatment or beating.

6 – the treatment of the dog is easy to accept the instructions and strengthen the relationship between you and him beware of bad treatment or beating.

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