Top 10 things cats love to much


Scratch things

It is also a vital activity of cats, which is very necessary for their mental and physical health

She does this to enjoy and sharpen her nails and also to locate her control

We know that this behavior puts you in embarrassing situations especially if you love scratching your furniture

This is why we suggest that you provide alternative objects such as the scratching column that appears in front of you .

Cats love warm places

And it is not strange to see them sleep under the sun at some times of the day most cats love to do this and you might see them sleep or sit on your laptops or near the heaters

And sometimes above their owners, and always do this for the same reason any love for warmth

Reverses the belief among people who describe cats as animals that love the isolation

She likes to highlight her and to have an important place in the house

The massage of her head and some of her body parts are among the most things you can satisfy her desire to feel important to you.
Note only do not approach them unless you like it and if your cats aggressive, we advise you to approach them

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