Top 15 foods that prevent hair fall


Losing your hair can be a daily frustration. Between those that you discover on your brush, your pillow, or during a simple shampoo, it’s a safe bet that your nerves will let go of you. Fortunately, there are a few foods that can help stop hair loss.

The phenomenon of hair loss is unfortunately very common and can be linked to stress, fatigue, health problems, or more simply to aging. A good diet is therefore essential to provide your fiber with the nutrients it needs to stay strong. Here are the 15 best foods to prevent hair loss effectively.

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1/ Honey, a natural remedy for hair loss

According to a study dating from 2001, the application of a mixture composed of 90% honey and 10% water would be miraculous against hair loss. Provided you apply this mask every day for a month.

Natural Honey

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