Top 5 des attractions du Liechtenstein


A holiday in Liechtenstein consists of enjoying the untouched beauty of the country: the beautiful Rhine Valley, charming villages and cultural attractions such as the Walser Folk Museum in Triesenberg.

Visit Liechtenstein a weekend between lovers or come here several days to enjoy the ski slopes, you will live love at first sight for this country.

Here are some ideas to make in Liechtenstein according to the main cities of the country.

Vaduz – the capital of Liechtenstein

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein. It is also the most populous city in Lichtenstein. The best-known tourist attraction is undoubtedly Vaduz Castle perched on top of a steep hill overlooking the city. This royal residence attracts many tourists.

If art is something that appeals to you, the National Art Gallery is a nice place to visit when you are in Vaduz. Several museums are also worth a visit if you like the history and culture of the host country.

  • Ski Museum
  • National Museum
  • Stamp Museum

While walking in the streets of Vaduz, you will undoubtedly discover several beautiful monuments such as the town hall and the red house.

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