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Tourism in Liberia

The best seasons of tourism in the Republic of Liberia

The climate in Liberia is known to be semi-tropical hot. Temperatures vary slightly during the year, while average temperatures are 27 degrees Celsius, rarely rise to 20 degrees Celsius, and the highest recording was 36 degrees Celsius and is the best time to visit this country during the season Jeff is between November and April so that tourists can enjoy a wonderful holiday, and seasons of the year in Liberia can be divided as follows.

The rainy season, which starts from May until October, is characterized by heavy rainfall with a short interruption between July and August.

The dry season from November to April, which is one of the most famous seasons to visit the country, which is interrupted during the winter period between December and February, and temperatures range between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius, and there are many sunny days.

How long can I stay in Liberia

In order to obtain a Liberian state visa, you must first make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months. Any foreign person who wishes to enter Liberia must hold an entry visa for 90 days. That is why the visa is issued in the normal way, by going to the embassy or consulate. Affiliated with the state of Liberia in your country.

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