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Tourism in Liberia

Tourism in Monrovia, Liberia

Monrovia is the capital of Liberia, which is the largest city, and is the cultural, political and financial hub of the country, as it includes the largest government institutions, located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the St. Paul River, giving it stunning views and a distinctive nature, which made it the most beautiful city of Liberia.

Monrovia Liberia also possesses many attractions, including the National Museum, the Central Matadi Mosque, Masonic Temple, and wonderful beaches, in addition to the Antoinette Tubman and Samuel Dock sports stadiums, the unique port of Monrovia with its unique beach, the city center characterized by history and history, and the market area, next to the monuments Among them are the Nimba Mountain Reserve and many other tourist attractions in Monrovia that are worth a visit.

The proposed duration of visit to Liberia’s tourist regions in Monrovia is 3 days

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Tourism in Liberia

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