Treatment of hair loss in cats  


Treatment of hair loss in cats – the right way to treat hair loss a lot

Hair loss in cats is a very troublesome problem for most cats breeders
As long as you read this topic, you are one of them

Therefore, I advise you to solve the final hair loss by following these tips and working with the instructions mentioned in this topic

My friends should know that there are two types of hair loss in cats, we will try to mention each type of it with the method of treatment of hair loss in cats

The first type is natural hair loss

In the spring and fall, hair loss is common in cats and treatment, in this case, is by laying the hair of the cat once a day or at least 3 times a week during the hairstyle 10 minutes

It is also recommended to use a roller to remove hair from the furnishings.

Type II, abnormal hair loss and its causes
The first cause of abnormal hair loss:

Malnutrition is the cause or cause of abnormal falls in cats

the cure :

  • Healthy Eating – These are 6 meals that cats love
  • Reduce eating fish
  • Confectionery is forbidden
  • Dairy and its derivatives are prohibited
  • As well as the balance between normal and dried food

The second cause of abnormal hair loss:

A flea infestation may cause hair loss in cats. Flea infestation is frequent in summer

the cure :

In this case, it is necessary to treat the trachea and for those who do not know how to treat fleas of cats, check out this topic by clicking here

The third cause of abnormal hair loss:

Fungus Cats Even if they have the conditions of the clean and remain susceptible to fungal infections, fungi cause baldness for cats and put the strength of hair

the cure :

Fungus leaves baldness on the body of cats and must be treated before the aggravation of the situation and this is the subject of fungus treatment we advise you to see if it is the cause of hair loss of your cats.

The fourth cause of abnormal hair loss:

Tension is found, cats are occasionally stressed by neglect and lack of frequent attention or fear

the cure :

Increase attention to your cats because they are sensitive animals that you like to be highlighted by the light and the lack of attention in a wave of depression and self-containment

To get good results in the treatment of hair loss in cats need the best you can buy oil whale liver exists in human pharmacies and you add a few drops of it in eating it strengthens the hair and increases the brightness.

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