It is known that cats and carnivores are always committed to meat within their diets in order to survive. Their ancestors have lived on a diet made up of small rodents. In fact, all that is required for them is a high protein diet with a group A variety of different foods such as taurine, calcium, niacin, and vitamins such as vitamin B3, B6, B1, and in fact, the cat’s reserve for all these nutrients make vegetarian diet impossible for cats.

However, you should know that food needs the change in different stages of life. For example, a newborn puppy requires milk in the first three weeks of her life and slowly begins to eat solid food, which is weaned in about six to ten weeks of age. Pregnant women or mothers require more food requirements The veterinarian may recommend a special feeding system for her, and older cats should follow her own diet to treat any underlying medical conditions such as diabetes in cats.

What type of food do you offer for your cat?

There are two options when feeding your cat. It is possible to eat a commercial diet using dry food, semi-dry food, canned food or home diet, and many pet owners prefer to mix the two systems. Commercially prepared and some raw food, including uncooked bones to help keep cats teeth in good condition.

In fact, no one has yet understood what is the most appropriate feeding for cats. Some cat owners use only raw food, but they are supposed to have experience because the raw diet requires study because it can not be very successful. It cannot be safe for your cat because it has very different nutritional requirements from humans. Our food can cause corruption in the digestive cat. Cats may not eat onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, or sugary foods, and chocolate is prohibited. Drinks contain For caffeine, it is best to feed cats with a high-quality commercial diet. It is good that supermarket brands can meet cat food needs, but be careful. They need to eat more protein to meet their energy needs, so do not buy cheaper brands to save on your cat.

What foods can be eaten safely?

  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • eggs
    Other sources of protein

When can I feed the cat?
In fact, the time of feeding a cat varies from one cat to another. Some of them put food for cats all the time, and some of them prefer to put food for cats at specific times and be aware that pregnant and lactating cats require more meals than regular cats.

cat food

Dietary diets for cats:

Your cat may need to undergo a prescription diet prescribed by your veterinarian, which is required to treat an underlying medical condition (such as diabetes, urinary crystals, kidney disease, weight loss or for oral health and sensitive skin). The food is always limited to bisque.

What should not be fed to cats?

Without a doubt there is a list of what should not be fed to cats, this list includes:

  • Dog food
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Many human foods, many human foods may be toxic to cats and many owners of cats are exposed to errors of nutrition

The cats do not drink milk as many think. Most cats suffer from lactose, which is the sugars present in milk. In fact, drinking milk can lead to abdominal disorders and cause If you want to give milk to the cat, you will find that there is cat milk available in the supermarket or pet shop, but remember that when making a decision to feed your cat, it is advisable to talk to the veterinarian always It can give you information on the best products to Endodontic food requirements for clamping.

Choosing good food for cats:

Because of the unique nutritional requirements of cat food, it will be very difficult to provide a well-balanced diet for cats with fast food at home. Commercial feeding will be of good quality for the cat. Different foods can be served with different flavors and materials that will be good for cats, Feed cats with small, frequent meals while hiding food in different places to provide some fun and challenge and make sure you put the right amount of food for the cat. In some medical cases, it may be important to increase the amount of water for the cat. Feeding the cat is the best choice.

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