Why do cats eat their young?


Cats in the home require special care for this pet, but after birth, the behavior of cats may change as other animals, but cats are considered the worst mammals, especially females, which may be surprised to know that cats kill and eat young.

What causes cats to eat their babies shortly after birth ???

Causes of eating young cats

  • Cats tend to eat their young when they suffer from health problems that hinder the process of taking care of young people, especially if they can not provide food for them
  • The sense of fear is one of the main causes of killing or eating cats for young, although cats before birth looking for a place far from predators for fear On their young
  • Cats get rid of their young if the birth in the winter period, especially because in this period the number of prey and cat fails to provide food for young people * Cats live within Coat and assume the leadership of the group and if the female commander in the period of the birth of deliberately killing the rest of the other young cats until their young have more opportunities to get food
  • Birth at a time when the stage of incomplete motherhood instincts has not been adversely affected by the behavior of the cat, which makes her behave strangely from pregnancy to motherhood
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