Why does a cat move its young from one place to another?


Why does a cat move its young after giving birth? Find out the answer to this topic

Although cats are the most beautiful animals and love their owners, they are still very mysterious and love to enjoy great privacy

So they move their young to strange places and sometimes unknown

And may change the place of young people from time to time, cats follow her instinctively

Most of her instinctive actions stem from traits she inherited from her ancestors who lived in the wild and forests

They used to hunt and escape from the prey, so some of their strange behavior is always associated with their ancestors

Why does the cat move its young?

Small cats breed blind and deaf do not know how to move and can not defend themselves

All she does is feed the mother cat only, so the mother does all she can to ensure the safety and safety of her young

The sense of insecurity is why they move their children from one place to another

Although cats are domesticated animals and have lived with humans for thousands of years

The mother behaves very cautiously and relies on her instincts very much at this stage, and once she feels that the current place for her young is not safe she begins to move them to a new place.

Things that cause a sense of insecurity

  • The presence of a person does not like the cat near her young:

We do not recommend that strangers get close to your cat’s birthplace, because this will make them afraid of their young ones and thus feel that they have to move their children to another place

  • Touch the young with your hand:

Cats recognize their surroundings mainly through the sense of smell, so changing the smell of small cats may prompt them to behave strangely. It is always recommended not to touch or move the small cats, or to try to see them by strangers, only after the third week of birth or good not See them finally by those who do not live with you in your home

  • Strong lighting:

Cats are creatures that love the dark more than light, so the mother cat will look for a dark place for the birth of small cats if you notice that the cat is transporting her children make sure the amount of lighting in this place and have changed recently?

  • Barking dogs :

Sometimes the sound of barking dogs on the street may bother your cat and push her to fear for her children, and thus move them to a safer place from her point of view

  • After the place of birth for the place of food and drink and also for the place of need:

At some point, cats will begin to help their children go out, explore the place, practice eating, and eating. So if the place of birth is far away, you will feel insecure about it.
And drink.

Cats are mysterious animals and enjoy the privacy that is quite different from dogs in this matter

Therefore, you must be careful in dealing with the mother cat

And to provide them with safety factors until the time of birth and raising children safely and without problems

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