You will not believe the real reason why cats bury their waste


Often we see cats burying their droppings in sand or dirt, but does anyone know why they do it?

Those who breed and care for cats at home often observe how careful they are to bury their feces in the sand, and that it is a requirement for domestic cats to provide them with a place of sand or sawdust to bury their feces.

Some have attributed the cats to this work to be clean and instinctive, and that this nature created on them, and indeed is nature and has been created, but cleanliness is not related to the subject, but there is another reason is what makes cats bury their waste.

Cats are species of tiger lions and are fed by some predators such as: lion, tiger, leopard. And these animals always try to put in place limits to recognize the rest of the animals on these borders and their own area can not approach them, and therefore we find example tiger is scattered in different places of the area where the Vtzm smell animals do not approach it.

Similarly, we find that cats seek to bury their waste so that no one can identify it and not reach it, and the big cats do not think of its faction that it might challenge it for example.

Some even wonder why cats in homes, where there is no threat to them, bury their own waste, we respond to them that this is their instinct and nature created on them.

In another view

The cats are burying their litter and hiding it well because they are afraid of big animals and predators to smell their feces. The danger comes quickly to them. For this reason they bury their wastes where they are hidden so that they are safe and do not know their place for predators. All cats do the same for even the domestic cats. Even though it does not exist in the home, it is in a safe place that does not have predatory animals, but it does all its precautions and insures itself from anything.

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